How to Help Yourself Against Flea Bites

Fleas are not just pet stories. Fleas are small, wingless, aggressive insects that suck human blood and are also present on pets.

These tiny insects love to feed on our blood, but they also like our pet’s blood. Their bites itch and sometimes hurt. Bites are easily recognized; they look like small red bumps. There are usually three, four bites in a straight line in a group.

flea on dogs

Flea on dogs

Fleas like to bite in warm and moist areas on the body, such as the armpits, waist, chest, groin, or the folds of the arms and legs. Scratching can very easily cause an infection, so refrain from it.

Due to flea bites around the ankles and behind the waist, you will notice small red blisters (just like mosquito bites) and severe itching. Fleas are also carriers of Bartonella henselae, which causes scratches at the place of bite. By scratching, people make a wound and infect it with dirty hands, flea feces if it is next to the bite, and the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum.

Some people are very susceptible to flea bites – but the itching and scratching can cause sores and consequent infection. The best treatment is to eliminate fleas using insecticides. Keep pets away from the bed, vacuum the carpets daily, and spray insecticides on the infected areas.

EXo Flea Insecticide

EXO Flea Insecticide


How do you help yourself?

First of all, you definitely need to get rid of the fleas that have inhabited your home. This process can be complicated, so it is not wrong to hire an expert to do it properly.

You can use baking soda mixed with a few drops of water for itching. It is good to coat the bite place with lemon juice, put potato or apple on the bite.

What can you do if you have fleas in your apartment or house?

Be sure to treat your pet against fleas and perform daily checks and hygiene of the bed (baskets, pillows, dog house), which means regular cleaning, vacuuming, and ventilation of the area.

If there are other animals nearby that could be infested with fleas, treat them as well. If you have multiple cats, treat them all at once, not just those that have fleas.

Furthermore, it is necessary to vacuum the entire living space with special emphasis. Literally from floor to ceiling (including mattresses, sofas, and other furniture) if necessary several times on carpets and upholstered furniture. After you are done, throw the bag immediately (take out of the living space) because there is a possibility that there are still live fleas or their developmental forms in it.

Followed by a thorough washing of all surfaces, and when the whole apartment passes the “general” clean up, you need to wash pillows, sheets, curtains in the washing machine at the highest temperature that the fabric can withstand without causing damage.

treat your pets

Treat your pets

Use the household appliances you have (steam cleaner, iron, sometimes IR or UV heating lamp)

All of the mentioned methods to eliminate fleas will work. Some will work better, and others will not work if you don’t apply them properly. However, the main reason people have fleas in a house is their pets. Pets are the number one reason you have flea bites. Treat your pets, and fleas will be gone in no time.

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