Flea Traps – Treating Fleas That Harvest Your Dog

It would be best to treat your dogs from fleas as they can become a nuisance at home and dangerous for your dog’s health. Fleas can be the most intolerant insect that infects your pet dogs and sometimes, even you! These little bloodsuckers can be controlled using preventive measures and natural remedies to benefit from a peaceful and hygienic pet dog.

Use Products that Kill or Repel Fleas

Currently, there are a variety of products that are available to kill or repel fleas. Borates are powders that you sprinkle in your carpets and furniture, which causes adult fleas, eggs, and larvae to lose moisture and dry up. Insect growth regulators withhold immature fleas from becoming adults by stopping reproduction. Other chemicals that remove fleas include lufenuron, a flea control pill developed to hinder the flea egg’s ability to hatch.

It is essential always to read and follow directions precisely in any flea control product. Every flea product contains poisonous substances that can be dangerous to your family and your pet dog.
Though there are safer and long-lasting flea-control products available, there are other natural remedies to safely remove fleas from your pet.

Flea Traps

Building flea traps does not remove fleas from home. However, it is an excellent method to verify if you have got them and determining how severe the infestation is for your dog and your house. Hang a light material such as flypaper over a sticky, disposable surface or a bowl of soapy water. The heat from the light source attracts any fleas, sticking them on the surface or in water.

Flea Trap

Flea Trap

A Healthy Dip in Water

A dip using flea repellent medicines or other flea treatment in water is an excellent method for eliminating fleas.

Taking Out Hot Spots

Dogs with flea-allergy dermatitis often develop hot spots, which are usually moist, infected areas on the dog’s skin. A natural remedy to remove hot spots is to mix one part of tea tree oil and one part water. Then pour this solution into a spray bottle, and use it whenever your dog is biting or scratching.

Other natural herbs that act as flea repellents are eucalyptus, fennel, rosemary, rue, wormwood, and yellow dock. You can combine equal amounts of these herbs and mix them to sprinkle a small amount of the powder on your dog’s hair coat. Massage the powder evenly on your dog’s hair coat so that it reaches the skin. Other useful methods include using drops of these herb oils on your dog’s coat to treat fleas for a long duration.


Most house flea infestations happen because of dogs. Dogs have fur that flea can use to get inside your home. When you get an infestation inside your house, then it is hard to get rid of the flea. Because of that, you should treat your pets and prevent that from happening. There are many flea repellent products on the market, and I am sure whatever you pick, you will at least start a fight against flea infestation. However, I am recommending using the products I mentioned in this text because I used them on my dogs, and they showed good results.

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