Flea Bites On Dogs – Symptoms

Flea Bites on dogs are very common. They easily transfer from one dog to another or, rather say, from one animal to another. Dogs are the most preferred animals for fleas. Don’t be surprised if your dog has not played with any other dog and still has fleas, as fleas are capable of jumping from 18 to 20 inches. The dog flea is also known as Ctenocephalides Canis. Fleas survive by sucking the blood of your dogs or pets.

Capstar for Dogs

Capstar for Dogs

Flea Bites on Dogs Symptoms

Chewing and Scratching

When a flea bites dog, the dogs start to bite themselves and scratch feverishly. But remember some time chewing and scratching can also be because of some allergy. To confirm, you should clearly examine your dog’s back, face, and belly. Don’t forget to look at the place where your pets sleep.

Red Bumps

Extensive scratching may cause red bumps on your dog’s body. It may be behind the dog’s tail, behind the legs, or anywhere. Red pimples are a good indicator that your dog may have flea bites. Due to it, your pet may have a problem sleeping at night.

Hair Loss

If your dog is suffering from frequent hair loss, then it is a sign of danger as it happens at a later stage. If it happens, then don’t waste your time and consult the doctor and take medicine and precautions; otherwise, it may result in diseases.


The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the fleas from your surroundings, including your house, backyard, dog house, and elsewhere. To get rid of fleas, you need to stop the source of fleas. You need to prevent female fleas from laying eggs. Fleas may be anywhere, behind your carpets, on your bed, and especially near the woodwork.

Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs

Yeast- A Killing Machine for Fleas

Fleas don’t like yeast. So buy some yeast and carefully apply it on your pet’s legs, skin, face, ears, and belly but make sure you don’t use it in abundance as it may cause some infection (it is highly unlikely if your dog has fleas). Cover your face with the cloth as it really smells like shit.

Oral Flea Treatment For Dogs

Sometimes using home remedies to prevent flea bites on dogs can leave a hole as it may not prevent the whole body. This is where oral flea treatment for dogs helps as it protects the entire body from any infection. There are plenty of medicines available to prevent your dogs from fleas like Capstar.



Picture of Flea Bites for Dogs

If you are not sure whether your dog has flea bites or not, then you can check out this collection of pictures of flea bites on dogs. These pictures can give you a clear idea about the symptoms of flea bites on dogs. These pictures will also help you identify the extent of infestations of a flea bite on your dog or other pets in your house.

Flea bites on dogs

Flea bites on dogs

flea bites on dogs - belly

Flea bites on dogs – belly


What do flea bites look like on dogs

Red Skin

Red Skin


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