Flea Bite Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Flea bites on humans are harmless, and you don’t need to do anything about them. You should not scratch because that can bring problems you don’t want.

Even if the flea bites are harmless, and usually flea bite marks go away on its own, you should be aware that some people are allergic to flea bites. If you are one of those people, you may have an allergic reaction to flea bites.

Scratching the flea bites marks is another problem because our fingers are dirty. If you tear the skin, then there is a high chance that bacteria will get inside your body and make an infection. Do not scratch flea bites.

Flea bites on humans usually bite in lower parts of the body. Flea gets to you from the ground. Fleas can’t fly, but they can jump up to half a meter. That is enough to reach your legs. Most common flea bites occur on human legs. There is also a chance that you will get flea bites on hands and even face if your pet is infested with fleas. We all love to cuddle our pets, and if they are infected with insects, there is a high chance of getting flea bites on face.

Flea Bites on humans

Flea Bites on Ankle, image: Michael Voelker

Do Flea Bites Itch?

Trust me, you will know if you get flea bites. Flea bite on its own is not painful, and it doesn’t even itch. But once the flea starts drinking blood, it will release flea saliva. Flea saliva is irritating the host. Humans, as well as pets, will immediately begin to scratching as soon saliva touches the skin. Flea saliva is the main reason why flea bites itch.

In other words, when you get flea bites, you will have an enormous urge to scratch. But don’t scratch because that can create infections, which can be extremely dangerous.

Flea bites itch will go away in a day or two, but if you had an allergic reaction, then flea bites can turn to skin rash, and that kind of skin rash may itch for weeks. Also, the itching will last longer if there is an infection, so the best thing you can do is not to scratch and avoid infection at all costs.

Flea Bite Allergy

Nowadays, people are getting allergic reactions to many things. However, flea saliva is one of the substances that can develop allergic reactions in humans. These reactions can be seen as skin rash, extreme itching, and even swelling. If you have an allergic reaction, then there is also a higher chance of infection because rash will force you to itch, and there is a high chance you will itch.

Many people don’t know if they are allergic to flea bites, and that’s a good thing because the best treatment is to avoid flea bites. People who are constantly attacked with flea bites have a higher chance of developing an allergic reaction to flea bites.

In rare cases, an allergic reaction can be severe and even cause difficulty breathing, nausea, and swelling. If you see any of the mentioned symptoms, then you should immediately look for a doctor.

Flea bites

Flea Bites on Hand

Flea Bite Symptoms

The most common flea bites symptoms on humans are itching. If you are itching, something has bitten you. You can’t be sure if it is a flea or some other bug at this point. But if you see several bites on one spot, then there is a high chance that this is the symptom of flea bites.

Most of the time, flea bites will be on legs, so if you see raised red spots and feel a specific itching in that area, then you can be pretty sure that this is flea bites symptoms.

The biggest problem with flea bites is an infection. When you scratch, you may create an infection which can ever have a fever symptom. Immediately go to the doctor if you have a fever, or you think you may have an infection from flea bites.

Magnified Flea bug

Flea Bug, image: CDC

Infected Flea Bite

Flea bites infection is mostly caused by scratching. This infection needs to be treated, but fleas are well-known carriers of many human diseases.

Bubonic Plague

A most deadly disease that was transmitted by a flea was bubonic plague. Back in the 14th-century bubonic plague, also known as the black death, killed over 25 million people. That was one of the most massive epidemics in human history. Today this disease is under control, and even if you get infected, treatment is done with antibiotics.

Murine Typhus

If flea becomes infected by rats, then murine typhus is possible. This is a rare disease only found in areas with infected rats. If you have symptoms like chills, weakness, nausea, high fever, and severe headache, then you could be infected with Murine Typhus. Patients who receive treatment respond fast, and there are no significant problems after that.


Sand flea is the carrier of tungiasis, which is in the USA very rare. Sand flea is mostly found in exotic places like Caribs, areas that have lots of sand which sand flea loves. The sand flea will bite you and burrow into your skin. Sound awful, so if you are visiting exotic places full of sand, wear high socks and avoid sand flea.


Tularemia is an infection that is transmitted to humans via infected rats. If flea bites the infected rat with bacteria, then if that same flea bites the human, there is a high chance Tularemia will occur. This is a severe disease that requires treatment. Treatment is done with antibiotics. Ticks also carry this disease.

Flea Bite Treatment

The biggest advice to give you is not to get bitten by a flea. You can use prevention methods, which can really help you get clean from flea bites. If you do get bitten, then the second-best advice is not to scratch. I know, it is hard not to scratch when the thing is so damn itchy. Because of that, treatment is mostly focused on preventing scratching. If you don’t scratch, there won’t be any infection, and you will be fully cured in a day or two.

Medicine That Prevents Scratching


You can use alcohol on bites and in that way, clean the saliva that causes itching. Alcohol is also well known against infections overall.


Vinegar contains alcohol and is one of the best home medicine against scratching. You can use it directly on the bites, but just as alcohol, if you have open wounds, it will sting. Or you can pour a cup or two vinegar in the bathwater.

Cold Water

Cold Water is good because naturally cold will close pores on the skin. The cold will also make you scratch less. Water is also an excellent liquid to clean the bites from infection.


Ice can be used if you see any swelling. But just like cold water, ice can make your skin less itchy.

Tea Tree Oil

You can buy any type of tea tree oil as long as it is an essential oil without any other harmful chemicals. Tea tree oil will calm your skin, and itching will stop, which means no infection.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Calamine Lotion

You can get a real medicine against itching by buying calamine lotion. This medicine is specially made for the skin to make sure there is no scratching going on.

Calamine lotion

Calamine Anti-Itch Lotion

Baking Soda with Water

Mix baking soda with water to get a white paste. Then apply that paste on flea bites. In the morning, flea bites will be gone, and baking soda is also a good treatment against itching.

Always remember if you have severe symptoms like fever, nausea, or swelling, immediately visit your doctor.

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